2012 NMI Convention

Dear NMI Presidents, Pastors and Friends,


I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you all very soon. As your new District NMI President I am privileged to be a part of what I have seen to be a tremendous district and incredibly mission minded fellowship. Yet, even though I'd like to go on and on about how incredibly beautiful and vital missions as a lifetsyle is, I need to take these few moments to give you a heads up on the quickly approaching Pittsburgh District NMI Convent June 8, 2012. Because you won't want to miss out on a day filled with prayer, worship and mission. An opportunity to find out more about: NMI, Alabaster, NCM, Child Sponsorship, World Mission Broadcast, and simply what it means to be a part of a church who believes in making Christlike Disciples in the Nations. So with 20 days and counting, here goes. . .


Instructions: Convention will begin at 9AM Friday, June 8 with Registration, Refreshments, Resources Table, NPH and Electronic Voting! (Yes, you'll be able to vote nearly immediately upon registration!)


Opening NMI Worship Service will begin at 10AM. Guest Missionaries: Don & Evie Gardner - Africa East Field, Music Worship Leader: Pastor JPaul Pepper, and special music from our district Impact Team!


Lunch will be served at 1PM. Lunch cost of $10.00/person. The tickets for lunch will be sold at registration. There are also some morning coffee/tea/pastries available for FREE but we'd always accept a donation of $1.00 if you'd like! The morning snack items will be available immediately upon registration! Dinner is on your own; however, it is also available if you'd like, in the cafeteria for $8.00/person.


Children's Program & Infant Care: Nursery is available for all infants. There will also be a fabulous children's program with Aaron & Becky Wollerton of Zelienople and our guest missionaries Don & Evie Gardner. You can check your kids in at registration time. You're kids won't want to miss out!


NPH / NMI Book-Supplies: You'll have the opportunity to visit our NPH/Resource Table as soon as you register. If you'd like to get a head-start you can find the order forms here:http://nmi.nazarene.org/10042/story.html



There will be 3 offerings.

1. Morning offering will be the main convention offering.

2. Afternoon offering is for the Buddy Plan (details are below). You can even take a Buddy Plan offering at your local churches as well. This is a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with more of God's servants across the globe. If you so choose, the offering can be brought to the Pittsburgh NMI Convention just make sure that the memo reads: Buddy Plan Offering - NMI Convention. Or you can just send the check directly to the GMC in Lenexa, KS Attention: Dilda Curtis on the envelope. 3.Afternoon offering will be received after the breakout sessions. This will be a Love Offering for Esther Baun (see attached flyer for details). Let's be a loving, giving, serving people any way we can! PLEASE HAVE ANY Church checks made separately and marked appropriately

Buddy Plan Offering

We encourage your district a Buddy Plan Offering during or around your 2012 district NMI convention. Please courage pastors and presidents to come prepared to participate in the Approved Mission Special.

The Buddy Plan funds will be distributed to delegates in Global Mission regions to help defray their Global NMI Convention costs. Your offering will make the difference for international delegates. Most global districts can offer very little financial assistance for their delegates, plus international travel adds much to the cost for delegates. The delegates raise funds by selling homemade items, raising pigs for sale, or holding musical concerts and events. . .The Global NMI Council will determine an equitable distribution of funds for international delegates.

For the 2005 General NMI Convention, districts gave a total of $103,826 for Buddy Plan. That offering helped 298 NMI delegates from 6 World Mission regions. For the 2009 General NMI Convention, districts gave $109,454 for Buddy Plan. Those offerings subsidized 512 delegates from six World Mission regions.


To assist at least 500 delegates in 2013, the Global NMI Council revised/increased the goal to $125,000. We need every district to give beyond their 2009 offering by about 15 percent to reach the goal.


Help Needed:

Mission Station: The Mission Station needs your items to sell for Work & Witness Project funds. Let's work together and help our teams! Crisis Care Kits and School Pal Paks: Please bring them to the NMI Convention. " World Evangelism Fund (WEF): Check out the new jpeg - an intro into next year's emphasis... More news to come...

DON'T FORGET: NMI has several Facebook pages as was mentioned in the most recent Promoter of which you can "like" and in turn, be aware of what's happening through Nazarene Missions around the world and find out way's in which you can participate in His Mission through the Church of the Nazarene. So check 'em out here:

Prayer Mobilization Line - http://www.facebook.com/NMIPrayer NMI - http://www.facebook.com/NazaerneMissionsInternational Engage Magazine - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Engage-magazine/147140592172


And let's ALL be a part of the Global Day of Prayer May 27, 2012! If you'd like more information on this blessed opportunity check out: http://gdopusa.com/ or http://www.globaldayofprayer.com

Finally don't miss out on some incredibly fabulous mission materials of which we'll be giving one box set away at convention: Local NMI Presidents, please check out LIVING MISSION ASAP:(Copied from April's Heartline)


1. Living Mission?Love Mercy is a valuable resource. The amount of content, stellar videos, easy-to-follow planner, activity handouts, and detailed instructions will make Living Mission?Love Mercy a must-have for every mission educator, small group leader, and pastor who wants to inform and inspire their congregation toward mission involvement.


2. Living Mission contains six lesson topics and two CAUSES. There is enough content in the six topics for twelve lessons. A guide to help leaders do that is called the "12 Month Plan." A copy is included in the downloadable section of this newsletter. A copy of the 12-Month Plan will also be available on the "Freebies" page of the Living Mission Web site soon - www.livingmission.com/nphweb/html/lm/freebies.jsp. Please forward the 12-Month Plan to your local presidents so they can see how easy it is for the six topics to provide 12 monthly lessons.


3. The Living Mission Web site - www.livingmission.com - and the Living Mission Facebook page - www.facebook.com/groups/104428492923551 are intended to be supplemental resources for Living Mission purchasers. Encourage your presidents to visit the pages often.

Grace and peace to you all,

Tim Whetstone

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