Pittsburgh Mission

The passion of the Pittsburgh District follows the mission of the denomination and that is: "To make Christlike disciples in the nations."  This is a missional statement that should impact all who call themselves Christians. While the term "missional" seems to be the new buzz word, let us not lose what this word means.  While there are greater definitions, the simple understanding of being missional is to reach out; to go beyond yourself.  When that simple understanding is put in the context of the denominational mission statement, what does it look like?

The word "in" tells us that we are not to demand that people come to our churches or our activities.  The word is telling us that we are to go to where they are; to leave our comfortable surroundings or our institutions and focus on the needs of others.  Then, once they have seen that we are serious about our relationship with Christ, they may start showing up.

The second part is a continuation of the first and that is understanding that "nations" means the areas that the people are in.  It could be a foreign land, or it could be your neighborhood.  It could be some remote jungle or it could be a specific area of your community.  It is the place where souls in need of Christ can be found.  

Are you willing to put aside your biases and fears in order to be Christ to someone who needs to know Him?  Are you willing to be uncomfortable so that someone might learn about Christ?  Our goal has to be that we are so intentional about our life in Christ that He leads and we follow, no questions asked.